Teenage girl with Down syndrome learning online at home

Transition Plans Support Adolescents With Disabilities

Young adults with disabilities may face numerous barriers when reaching adulthood, from finding employment to securing housing. A transition plan can support a successful shift to adulthood.

Wed Aug 23 2023

top view picture of medical billing statement with credit card

Should You Use a Medical Credit Card?

A medical credit card is a type of credit card used only for medical expenses. It can pay for procedures insurance does not cover.

Mon Aug 21 2023

Senior woman at home looking worriedly into her empty wallet

Selling Your Life Insurance Policy to Help Cover Expenses

The National Council on Aging reports that more than 16.5 million adults 65 and older experience economic insecurity. Rising housing and health care bills can also burden seniors on fixed, limited incomes. ...

Thu Aug 17 2023

Child wearing eyeglasses smiling in the arms of his mother

Your Will Can Protect Your Children With Disabilities

August signifies National Make-a-Will Month. For the one in five families who care for children with special needs, estate planning is crucial.

Wed Aug 16 2023

Young Mechanic who uses Wheelchair Working On Turning Lathe

ABLE Account Owners Who Work Can Save More Through 2025

ABLE account owners who are employed can contribute work income to this type of account beyond the typical $17,000 annual threshold until the end of 2025.

Tue Aug 15 2023

Young Man Using Wheelchair preps food in accessible kitchen

VITAL Act: Affordable Housing for People With Disabilities

In an effort to address the need for accessible and affordable housing for people with disabilities, Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania introduced the VITAL Act in 2023.

Tue Aug 15 2023

Smiling seated senior man touches the hand of the nurse who is holding his shoulder in support

2023 on Senior Health Report: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A 2023 report issued by America's Health Rankings sheds light on the latest trends in the health and well-being of older Americans.

Mon Aug 14 2023

Woman who uses wheelchair sit at the table editing video on her laptop

Feds Seek to Enhance Rules on Digital Accessibility

Just 3 percent of the web is accessible to people with disabilities today. Digital content not optimized for all users can prove challenging, and often impossible, for some to use.

Mon Aug 14 2023

young woman with long covid syndrome sitting on the couch at home

Report Examines Mental Health Symptoms of Long COVID

According to a recent report, individuals who develop Long COVID may exhibit numerous mental health symptoms.

Fri Aug 11 2023

USA Social security cards laid on pile of dollar bills

What to Do When Social Security Overpays

An overpayment occurs when Social Security gives you more money in a month than you should have gotten.

Fri Aug 11 2023

Senior man with a hearing aid communicates with family via video on smartphone

OTC Hearing Aids Prevent Dementia

For older adults experiencing hearing difficulties, over-the-counter hearing aids could improve quality of life, preserve social connectedness, and prevent cognitive decline.

Wed Aug 09 2023

Group of Seniors laugh together at dinner table

Remaining Social Promotes Health in Older Adults

Diminishing social interactions can leave older adults vulnerable to developing diseases like dementia and other chronic illnesses.

Tue Aug 08 2023

Smiling female college graduate with older parents on graduation day

How Changes in the Student Loan Landscape May Affect You

According to AARP, people aged 60 and older owe upwards of $290 billion in student loan debt. ...

Mon Aug 07 2023

Asian blind woman with vintage braille typewriter working colleague in office workplace

AbilityOne Program: Employment for People With Disabilities

With the unemployment rate for American workers with disabilities twice that of those without disabilities, the AbilityOne Program seeks to help.

Thu Jul 27 2023

Young man who uses wheelchair brought to desk by health care worker

Disability Community Continues Fight for Access to Home Care

Millions of people nationwide still must reside in institutions in order to access the health care services they need.

Thu Jul 27 2023

boy hugging his beagle on bed

Emotional Support Animals for Children With Disabilities

Emotional support animals (ESAs) are pets prescribed by a licensed mental health professional for those with disabling mental illness.

Thu Jul 27 2023

Lonely woman using wheelchair looking out the window

Obtaining a Protective Order for a Person With a Disability

Getting a protective order might be the best way to safeguard a vulnerable person from individuals who wish them harm.

Thu Jul 27 2023

Senior couple using laptop computer

11 Things You Can Do Online Via the Social Security Website

Whether or not you are already receiving Social Security benefits, there are numerous services you may be able to take advantage of through the SSA website.

Wed Jul 26 2023

Experienced woman florist helping young employee with Down syndrome to check flowers on tablet in garden center

Bill Would Aid Thousands of Working People With Disabilities

The Work Without Worry Act could aid about 6,000 individuals with disabilities over the coming decade if it passes.

Tue Jul 25 2023

Medical worker helping patient work out arm as he sits in wheelchair

What's the Most I Can Receive in Disability Benefits?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) issues payments each month to individuals who have incurred a severe disability that has left them unable to work for a year or more.

Tue Jul 25 2023

Senior couple worriedly looking at bill while sitting at home

How No Surprises Act May Help With Unexpected Medical Bills

The No Surprises Act protects seniors from unexpected charges and provides a much-needed safeguard for their medical expenses.

Wed Jul 19 2023

Disabled child together with a special needs carer

Study: Hiring Family to Care for Children With Disabilities

A recent study in Colorado showed that hiring family members as certified nursing assistants can be effective in providing consistent care for children with disabilities.

Wed Jul 19 2023

doctor in gloves and mask injects masked senior patient with vaccine

RSV Vaccine Options for U.S. Seniors to Become Available

Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection (RSV) is a respiratory infection that mimics the common cold. However, the virus can cause serious complications in older adults.

Mon Jul 17 2023

Young mother and little boy on meeting with teacher at school

Should You Hire a Special Education Advocate?

Navigating a school's special education regulations and procedures to ensure children receive necessary services can be demanding, as parents often lack knowledge of applicable laws and the school system.

Mon Jul 17 2023

Military veteran who uses wheelchair hugging kids outside

Fewer Exams Needed When Seeking Veteran Disability Benefits

Service members transitioning out of active-duty service and who have a disability claim may be able to take advantage of a more streamlined application process for disability benefits.

Thu Jul 13 2023

official flag of Visually Safe Disability Pride on sunny day

Combating Ableism: Being an Ally to the Disability Community

To be an ally to people with disabilities, you can take steps to combat ableism.

Tue Jul 11 2023

Worker standing on beams of building under construction

Consequences of Not Using a Medicare Set-Aside Account

Failing to establish a Medicare Set-Aside Account can have significant consequences for Medicare eligibility.

Mon Jul 03 2023

Disabled Men on Wheelchair using Accessible Vehicle with Lift

Loans and Grants for Wheelchair Vans and Vehicle Adaptations

Purchasing a vehicle can be expensive. However, grants and other resources can help meet diverse needs, including for those who need an accessible vehicle of their own.

Mon Jul 03 2023

Boy focuses on tablet alone in room

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for Children With Autism

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder who meet certain criteria outlined by the Social Security Administration may be able to secure public benefits.

Mon Jul 03 2023

robot interacting with young caucasian boy

Advancements in Diagnosing and Supporting Kids With Autism

Millions of lives are touched by autism. New developments in technology could help diagnose children earlier and provide additional support.

Mon Apr 10 2023