Special Needs Planning for Individuals and Families
Settlement Planning for Individuals with Disabilities and Minors
Estate Planning

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When an adult does not have capacity to make legal or financial decisions for themselves, a court can appoint a Conservator to manage the person’s affairs.


Special Needs Planning

When an individual has a disability that impacts his or her ability to earn a living, manage money, or provide for his or her personal needs, specialized legal planning can provide a system of supports to ensure a high quality of life for that individual as well as protect any public benefits he or she may be eligible for.


Settlement Planning

When an individual with a disability or a minor receives a lawsuit settlement, special planning is often required.

Meet Mercy Hall

Mercy Hall, Esq.

Mercy Hall, Esq.

Mercy Hall is the principal of Hall Law Law Firm, P.C., representing clients in special needs planning, conservatorship, settlement planning, probate, and estate planning matters. She enjoys being able to help clients through challenging legal processes.

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